Kim Kwang-Doo's Statement

Kim Kwang-doo, 퍼스트카지노 vice president of the National Economic Advisory Council, is known to have recently offered his resignation to Cheong Wa Dae. Moon Jae-in is a conservative economist Kim, who the government right after the inauguration of the lead, but income growth represented by a National Economic Advisory Council vice speaker about the government's economic policy.Continued the bitter. The Advisory Council on the national economy based on the Moon Jae-in as economic advisory body president installed president is the Chairman.

Moon Jae-in is "Kim, who likely take place last month's resignation known to be." on August 6, and said, " Kim, who was the ruling party official his role to play in the government determined that I have done.I think. " Kim is considered to be the architect of "Jnomics," a key economic pledge of President Moon. During the presidential election last year, he has been deeply involved in establishing economic policies since his camp. Mr. Moon invited Kim and other presidential committees and advisory body leaders to Cheong Wa Dae for a luncheon on May 21. Kim reportedly expressed his intention to resign before attending the meeting. 

"I was surprised because Vice Chairman Kim didn't open his mouth at the meeting," said a person who attended the luncheon. Kim has reportedly been advising Cheong Wa Dae to expand the period of the flexible working system. Mr. Moon accepted the statement and agreed to legislate the expansion of the flexible working system with the floor leaders of the five parties at the first meeting of the standing consultative body of the ruling and opposition parties on April 5. Kim reportedly judged that he has done his job.

Kim has continued to complain to Cheong Wa Dae about the side effects of the steep minimum wage increase. During an exclusive meeting with President Moon in August, he proposed changing economic policies along with concerns about worsening job and economic policies. "The root of the economy is shaky," he said on his Facebook page on April 11.

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